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Focused on our clients visions, founded on superior craftsmanship and quality-control, and providing construction services beyond the industry standard.

Ritestart Limited is a qualified, experienced General Contractor, Design Builder and Construction Manager with a focus on Institutional, Commercial and Industrial construction projects.

Learning and adapting to the needs of the industry is an ongoing commitment, which allows us to guide our clients with the most effective and relevant options throughout the course of their project. Ritestart is ready and able to help optimize value on your future projects, and we look forward to taking them on.

We strive to develop and maintain reciprocal relationships with the people and organizations who we work with. We recognize your importance, because sustainable growth and success are only possible through maintaining these partnerships. Ritestart is ready and able to complete your project without compromise, without deficiencies, on budget and on time.

Our Mission

To set a standard of excellence that permeates every component of a project: from an initial meeting and takeoff through to post-construction closeout.

Our Goal

To complete your project on schedule without deficiencies and without compromise. In order to accomplish a superior result, Ritestart’s construction management team will execute each project as if it were a showcase project within the budget, material and labour resources available.

Of Construction Value

Projects Completed

Full-Time Specialists

What we do

General Contracting, Construction Management, Design-Build

General contracting

Traditionally performed under a stipulated sum contact, the client retains an architect or engineer to design the project and to prepare the necessary drawings and specifications. After the architect / engineer completes the drawings and issues them for pricing, the client selects the general contractor through a sole source or a competitive bid process.

construction management

Under a construction management contract, the client secures the services of a construction manager to work with the design team and, depending on the client’s needs, with trade contractors and suppliers. Early collaboration in the construction management process promotes effective project coordination and communication from the start creating an environment for success.


Let Ritestart provide comprehensive design and construction services through on point of contact. Bringing all project team members together in the design phase, the construction design-build approach helps foster a more successful partnership.