Brampton Transit Clark Facility


Brampton Transit Clark Facility Overhead Door Replacements


185 Clark Boulevard, Brampton, Ontario


Overhead Door Replacement at Transit Facility

Date Completed



City of Brampton


Moon-Matz Ltd.

The Clark Facility is operated by Brampton Transit, and is located at 185 Clark Boulevard. The building opened in 1980, and services a large number of busses on the majority of Brampton’s bus routes. Due to the Clark Facility’s substantial operation, work on this project needed to be phased to ensure that services remained uninterrupted throughout construction. 

Ritestart removed and replaced a total of eighteen (18) heavy-duty overhead doors. Work included the removal and disposal of the existing electrical power supply, mounted traffic control systems, frames, brackets, hardware and anchorage systems.

There were two types of doors that were being installed; the majority (15) were steel sectional overhead doors, and there were also three rubber roll-up overhead doors. The 15 steel doors were heavy-duty, exterior insulated steel sectional doors, and the other three were high-speed, high-cycle, high-impact and low-maintenance with knock-away bottom bar roll-up rubber doors. The new doors were installed complete with new power feeds, and the associated repair works to ensure a cohesive look with existing finishes/fixtures.