Roofmart Connie Street Location Renovations


Roofmart Connie Street Location Renovations


29 Connie Street, North York, Ontario


Renovation of Warehouse to Showroom and Administrative Area

Date Completed





Kingsland+ Architects Inc.

Roofmart has been a choice distributor of roofing supplies among industry professionals in Canada for over 50 years. Today, the company operates as a one-stop roofing and siding materials catering to homeowners, contractors, home builders and developers. This was the first of three projects that Ritestart has completed for Roofmart.  

The purpose of the project was to convert an existing warehouse into a high-end showroom and administration area. Over the course of four months Ritestart constructed three washrooms (one barrier-free), completed structural modifications to the roof structure to accommodate new skylights, and added a structural steel feature at the main administration area. We also completed/installed new masonry partitions, new millwork, new polished concrete slab topping, and specialty rubber flooring. We also performed complete plumbing and electrical revitalization.

There were a multitude of changes on this project, due to the age and condition of the existing building, so identifying the related issues early in the construction process was imperative to maintaining the schedule and budget. This project also took place in a fully occupied and active facility during the height of roofing season; Roofmart was decanted from the building and moved into a temporary showroom at exterior of building. To ensure the safety of all parties, access to and from site for construction personnel had been properly delineated and maintained through the course of the project.

“Ritestart was well organized, provided construction documentation in a timely manner, maintained communications throughout the course of construction, was knowledgeable in construction techniques and had the ability to identify potential construction issues well in advance in order to maintain project budget and schedule expectations” – Mark Krantzberg, Project Manager, Roofmart

“Ritestart is an experienced Contractor who are able to tackle small projects, or large multifaceted projects in a wide range of disciplines.” – Andrew Cooke, Associate/Project Administrator, Kingsland + Architects