St. Raymond Chimney


St. Raymond Catholic School Chimney Swift Habitat Relocation


270 Barton Avenue, Toronto, Ontario


New Construction

Date Completed



Toronto Catholic District School Board


Kohn Shnier Architects

The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) had a unique problem, in that a Chimney Swift bird had moved into their chimney at St. Raymond Elementary School. The Chimney Swift is considered a threatened species, so the TCDSB had to construct a habitat for it. 

We have worked on other projects with the TCDSB, and were happy to be chosen as the Prime Contractor for this unique project. Work included excavation, concrete footings and foundations, and masonry construction. Masonry joints were left un-pointed on interior side of chimney to provide optimal nesting conditions. Kohn Shnier Architects were the consultant on this project. 

Here’s a story about this project and the Chimney Swift that aired on City News Toronto:

Demolished chimney rebuilt to protect rare birds

An old chimney that was demolished as part of a school's renovations was rebuilt to save a species of bird that is threatened in Ontario. Maleeha Sheikh has the story.

Posted by CityNews Toronto on Monday, December 2, 2019