Town of Erin Municipal Office


Town of Erin Municipal Office Barrier Free Alterations & Elevator Install


5684 Trafalgar Rd N, Hillsburgh, Ontario


Interior Renovation

Date Completed



Town of Erin


A. Fazel Architects Inc.

The Town of Erin’s Municipal Office is located at 5684 Trafalgar Road N., in Hillsburgh. The building did not previously have an elevator, and required some renovations to accommodate AODA and OBC legislation. Ritestart had the opportunity to assist in the installation of a new commercial elevator, servicing the ground and basement levels within the Municipal Office, and also perform some other renovations. 

The project involved:

1) Excavation and underpinning of the existing structure;

2) New masonry partitions while coordinating with elevator contractor;

3) Installation of new steel staircase complete with hardwood capping; and

4) Mechanical/electrical upgrades. 

The Limited Use Limited Application Elevator consisted of a roped hydraulic tower with a lifting platform, a rated load of 1400lbs, a rated speed of 25 f.p.m, and a travel distance of 25 feet. The Municipal Office stayed open and active during construction, and so hoarding was used to delineate the work area and maintain the safety of the staff and public.