Brock University Guernsey Market New Starbucks Fit-Out


Brock University Guernsey Market New Starbucks Fit-Out


500 Glenridge Ave, St. Catharines, ON L2S 3A1


Interior Renovations

Date Completed



Brock University



Brock University contracted RITESTART to enhance mechanical, electrical, and architectural/structural features of Guernsey Market, and to construct a new Starbucks Fit-Out. The front of house work consisted of complete drywall, complete ceiling work, lighting installation, floor and wall tile repairs/installation, FRP counter height on back line behind casework, plumbing stub ups and floor penetrations completed, electrical stub ups, and preparing the site for casework. The back of house work involved installing the FRP to ceiling height, plumbing stub ups and drains completed (including being prepared for 5-way bypass water filtration), fully completed electrical works, and preparing the space for associated equipment. We worked closely with the chosen Starbucks installer, as requested by Brock University, to ensure all Starbucks equipment was fully operational before project closeout. 

Guernsey Market remained open and active throughout construction, temporary walls were constructed acting as a barrier/enclosure while work was carried out to ensure the safety of staff and students.