Button Factory


Button Factory Structural Upgrades


25 Regina Street South, Waterloo, Ontario


Live Load Structure Upgrade (OBC)

Date Completed



City of Waterloo



This building was originally constructed in 1886 by Richard and Rudolph Roschman in response to their growing Button business, and the need for a new Button Factory. By 1900, more than one hundred men and women were employed here, making everything from buttons to buckles and cufflinks. The Roschman’s business closed in the mid 1940’s, and subsequently re-opened to be used by Duffus Plywood Limited, the Ontario Glove Manufacturing Company, and Schendel Office Supplies. 

The building was designated as a historical and architecturally significant landmark by the City of Waterloo in 1982. It is generally described as “Mennonite Georgian” and is considered to be an excellent example of a late nineteenth-century industrial building.

In 1993, a proposal was presented to the City of Waterloo and it was agreed that the old Button Factory be given a mandate to create a self-supporting art centre in the Old Button Factory, known as Button Factory Arts.

Presently, Button Factory Arts is a non-profit, charitable organization. It exists to promote all forms of art programs in the community including: performances, classes, workshops, special events and art exhibitions.

RITESTART was able to assist The City of Waterloo in sustaining their vision of Button Factory Arts, by completing upgrades within the historical structure to increase acceptable building live loads for the many events taking place. AECOM acted as the Consultant on this project.