City of Guelph – Transfer Station Upgrades


City of Guelph - Transfer Station Upgrades


Guelph, Ontario


New Construction

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City of Guelph



Ritestart Limited secured an exciting project through a competitive tendering process with the City of Guelph. This project involved the replacement of aging infrastructure and the expansion of capacities at their transfer station.The scope of work was extensive and multifaceted:

Scalehouse Replacement: The existing scalehouse, covered by a large and complex structural steel solar canopy, was removed and replaced.
Weigh Scale Upgrades: Two existing weigh scales were replaced with four new ones.
Kiosk Additions: Three kiosks were added at the residential scales, enhancing user convenience.
Commercial Use Weigh Scale: A new commercial-use weigh scale was incorporated.
Bunker Area Construction: A bunker area on the south side of the property was constructed.
Comprehensive Infrastructure Improvements:

  • Road Enhancements: All roadways were improved.
  • Concrete Ramps: New concrete ramps were installed.
  • Site Servicing: Underground services were meticulously addressed.
  • Electrical Infrastructure: Underground electrical services were upgraded.
  • Landscaping: The site was thoughtfully landscaped.
  • Exterior Lighting: Enhanced lighting was strategically placed.
  • Foundation Challenges Overcome: Poor soil conditions necessitated the use of a micro piling system to support all foundations.

Phased Construction for Operational Continuity:

  • Phase 1: The team constructed the new 80-foot commercial scale, along with two new 50-foot residential scales and two kiosks west of the existing scale house. These new scales had to be operational before proceeding to Phase 2.
  • Phase 2: The existing scale house and two existing scales were demolished. Simultaneously, the new scale house, two additional 50-foot residential scales, one kiosk, and the solar canopy were meticulously built.

Throughout the project, Ritestart’s unwavering commitment to efficiency ensured that the scales remained operational, minimizing disruptions. The result? A successful transformation that benefits the City of Guelph and its residents.