City of Toronto – Transfer Station Upgrades


City of Toronto – Transfer Station Upgrades


Toronto, Ontario


Scale Replacement and Scalehouse Upgrades

Date Completed



City of Toronto


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Ritestart Limited is thrilled to announce the successful completion of a pivotal project for the City of Toronto: the replacement of two vehicle weigh scales. This undertaking posed a significant challenge: executing the entire project within one continuous weekend shift, all while ensuring zero disruption to clients’ weekday operations. Our dedicated team meticulously orchestrated each step of this critical endeavour:

Old Equipment Removal: We expertly disconnected and removed the outdated equipment.
New Scale Decks and Support Framing: The installation of new concrete infilled scale decks and robust steel support framing was executed flawlessly.
Operational Continuity: Throughout the weekend, our relentless dedication and seamless teamwork ensured smoother operations and improved infrastructure for the City of Toronto.

But that’s not all – as part of this transformative project, we also upgraded the existing scalehouse by adding air curtains and new transactive windows. These enhancements further enhance functionality and user experience. The City of Toronto can now rely on state-of-the-art weigh scales, contributing to efficient operations and better service for its residents.