FLATO Markham Theatre


FLATO Markham Theatre Washrooms


171 Town Centre Blvd., Markham, Ontario


Washroom Renovation

Date Completed



City of Markham


Ward99 Architects

The Flato Markham Theatre, one of Canada’s premier theatre houses, is a public arts complex located at 171 Town Centre Boulevard in the City of Markham. The Flato Markham Theatre holds a special place in many hearts, not only for the important space it offers for cultural events and educational opportunities, but also for world-class live theatre, concerts, comedy shows and family entertainment from across the world.

RITESTART performed renovations to three of the existing public washroom facilities. The renovations included intricate finishes and high-end fixtures, twelve different textured and coloured wall tiles, new millwork, new washroom partitions, and complete new electrical. The specialty tile was ordered and delivered from overseas, and had a significant lead time, but was procured prior to mobilization to ensure there was no delay. The theatre also remained open throughout construction, so sophisticated hoarding was used to ensure public safety. 

The project was successfully completed in a ten-week timeframe, on schedule and on budget. Ward99 Architects Inc. acted as the consultant on this project, and one of their Principal’s and Managing Partners, Hagit Waisman, gave us the following review:  

“We can state that the experience we had with Ritestart Limited was excellent and we have invited them to bid on other projects since working with them on the Flato-Markham Theatre Renovation. We have found Ritestart’s site management and office administration efficient and prompt.” – Hagit Waisman, Ward99 Architects Inc.