Roofmart Rutherford Location Renovations


Roofmart Rutherford Road Location Renovations


305 Rutherford Road South, Brampton, Ontario


Interior Renovation

Date Completed





Kingsland+ Architects Inc.

 Roofmart has been a choice distributor of roofing supplies among industry professionals in Canada for over 50 years. Today, the company operates as a one-stop roofing and siding materials catering to homeowners, contractors, home builders and developers. 

Having successfully completed a previous project with Roofmart and Kingsland + Architects at the Connie Street location in 2018, we were invited to perform interior renovations within their Brampton/Rutherford Road location. Roofmart was converting their existing administration area and sales showroom into a training centre. 

Work included: selective demolition of existing space, new opening in exterior masonry wall envelope complete with structural steel elements for new garage door opening, replacement of exterior aluminum doors and frames, drywall partitions, complete mechanical and electrical revitalization, and millwork wall cladding. Due to existing site conditions, the opening in the exterior envelope was required to be redesigned by the structural consultant, and Ritestart performed the associated changes.